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Solar epc company in Ahmedabad ,solar epc, solar epc companies in Gujarat,solar epc companies,top solar epc company in india.

Solar epc company in Ahmedabad ,solar epc, solar epc companies in Gujarat,solar epc companies,top solar epc company in india.

Solar EPC

The Best Solar EPC Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Solar EPC

Solpath Energy is one of the best Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad. Solpath is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects .

The highly skilled and dedicated Solar EPC Team at Solpath Energy ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant. The company, over the years, has developed an accredited expertise in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning, with a strong command over asset management. Its business model ranges from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance of completed solar arrays throughout its lifespan.

  • Engineering
  • procurement
  • construction

best Solar consultant
best solar consultant in Gujarat

Best Solar EPC Company | Top solar epc company

Solar EPC Services That Help You To Go Green

Solpath Energy handle everything for the client, investing in a Solar Service & PV Power Project with us ensures a hassle-free growth for the said investment over the next 25 years.



Solar power plant for Industries and factories and all type of manufacturing units

commercial solar power plant


Solar power plant for commercial building and all types of shops and stores

res 1


Solar power plant for Residential building and Bungalows and all type of houses

corporate 1


Solar power plant for corporate buildings and all type of offices and corporate houses



Solar power plant for School ,Collages/Universities and all type of Educational Institutes

hospital 1


Solar power plant for Hospitals building and with both on grid and off grid system

apartments 2 1


Solar power plant for High rise buildings, flat and Apartments and Gated community

ground mounted 1

Utility Scale

Solar power plant for Utility scale projects.500 kw to 100 MW Ground mounted projects.


Solar EPC

Solpath Energy Provides Solar EPC Project while education our Client . Few are given below :

  • Feasibility Study of project
  • Detailed informative Guidelines with Pros and Cons of each state level and Central Solar power policy
  • Detailed project report Includes details technology used in project, Finance, installations and timelines of every project
  • project Budgeting with Clear marked expenses and cost on time scale related to project advancements
best solar Epc company in Ahmedabad ground mounted

Best Solar EPC Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


We offer a broad range of services for all planning phases in order to deliver the optimum PV power plant layout. Planning work for a PV power plant is usually split up in different phases: preliminary layout, modification of layout, detailed layout and adaption during construction.
Since our partners provide different mounting solutions, a part of the technical design is the selection of the optimal framework with regards to electricity generation and land utilization. Subject to circumstances, cabling can represent a significant portion of the project cost and we are able to minimize this with appropriate design and positioning of the mounting racks, inverters, switch gear in relation to each other and the grid connection point.

Design Engineering & Review :
Solpath’s Experienced team of engineers is capable of designing the plant itself as well as the vetting of contractor drawings.The designs are made or checked for compliance to scope of work as included in the contract, IEC and statuary requirements, generation and cost optimization, project safety and grid infrastructure.

Solar Electrical DC (Pre Inverter) 


– Shadow losses can be significant depending on distance between modules
– Location of inverters can significantly control costs and losing cables


– Inappropriate fuse rating poses risk to the modules and inverters
– Enough redundancy ensures higher equipment up time
– IP protection is essential to withstand the vagaries of nature
– Busbar sizing is critical to the safety of the equipment


– Increases cost and losses if inappropriately sized 
– UV protection and conduiting to prevent degradation because of exposure


Monitoring at micro level ensures the accurate energy generation measurement and detection & retification of faults in minimum time.

Solar Electrical AC (Post Inverter) 
Transformer Rating:

– Can lead to loss in energy generation in case it is not sized optimally
– Enough redundancy ensures higher equipment uptime


– Appropriate relays ensure the maximum protection of the plant and detection of faults
– CT /PT Ratios need to follow the approved grid requirements


– Increases costs and losses in case of inappropriate sizing
– Appropriate protection in accordance with design fault current

Civil & Structural Drawings 


– Should be in accordance to the Topographic survey to minimize cutting/ filling and nevertheless provide similar heights for structures in a row


– Should have correct clearance from the ground
– Should be designed according to the wind and seismic zone of the site


– Access roads should be provided in accordance to the shape of the land to ensure access to the whole plant particularly for heavy vehicles
– Drainage should be designed as per the rain pattern of the location and have slope according to the final drain outlet of the plant


– Provision of natural/ forced ventilation
– Provision of natural/ forced ventilation


Solpath Energy has established relationships with global suppliers and manufacturers, allowing us to procure solar products backed by proven track records. As an independent installer, we’re able to procure products best-suited for your project specifications . our project team will facilitate equipment procurement for your project from leading manufacturers at competitive pricing.Also we have robust and agile supply chain vendors with global network for timely delivery of system equipment’s.


Solar PV project is a 25 year investment. It is important to maintain strict quality standards to ensure long term return from the project. Furthur delayed construction at the minimum leads to delayed revenue and increase in cost and at maximum can lead to cancellation of the project altogether. Effective construction supervision by Solpath Energy ensures quality, safety and adherence to implementation schedule.

– Establish communication procedures between the onwer’s and contractor’s site and HQ teams for the relevant functionsand issues 
– Monitor overall project progress and submit the Daily,Weekly and Monthly reports for plan Vs actual and the reason for deviations along with revised recovery plans for the overall activities for the project.
– Prepare periodical reports for submission to lenders, investors and the various Governement bodies as required 
– Organise and participate in the periodical project coordination meetings/Teleconference calls with relevant stakeholders
– Proactively identify all risks and recommend actions to mitigate the same
– Review of construction works for Quality standards and submission of timely reports.
– Assist the site team in resolving Design,Quality, Contract and Site Management related issues

Best Solar EPC Company.

Solpath Energy handle projects in the solar rooftop & Ground mounted sector and support our clients throughout all project phases, from feasibility study through to plant commissioning. Projects include those on small scale as well as large-scale projects with installed capacities of over 2200kW. Solpath Energy can also takes over complete project management for such projects. We also provide expert assistance for other tasks such as technical due diligence services for investors and financial institutions.
Solar Services
Solar Services

Typically, a 1 kW solar rooftop system requires about 10 square meter (100 square feet) shadow free area. It is a must have requirement for better efficiency of solar rooftop system. Thoughtful arrangement of solar panels is required if the area is not shadow free.

It is a system that allows customers to only pay for the electricity which is used beyond what solar panels have generated. Electricity generated from solar rooftop system is consumed by the loads at consumer’s facility first. If the load requirement is higher than the electricity generation, the units shall be imported from grid. If the load requirement is lesser than electricity generation, the units shall be exported to grid. This export and import is measured by a bidirectional meter.

Typically, a 1 KW solar rooftop system can generate about 3 to 5 units a day depending on sunlight’s availability and geographical location of the solar system

A grid-tied system does NOT produce power during power failure as the inverter shuts down the system to stop sending power into the grid and avoids the risk of electrocuting utility personnel who are working to repair the grid. A grid-interactive system can use the solar power to power the loads or charge the batteries even during a power failure.

Grid-tied /ON grid: Here the solar energy generated during the day is immediately consumed by the electrical load without any storage. The system powers the load in conjunction with the Grid power. Any surplus power is fed back to the grid via the net meter for which you reduce your monthly bill or earn money from local Electrical Board depends on the local state policy.
It is NOT a backup and cannot be considered as a standalone power solution for the loads. It does NOT produce power during power failure as the inverter shuts down the system to stop sending power into the grid and avoids the risk of electrocuting utility personnel who are working to repair the grid.

Grid-interactive or Hybrid : This system is everything that a grid-tied system is and it works in conjunction with either a battery backup or diesel generator to support the load even during a power failure. Supports multiple input power sources.

Off-grid/Stand Alone : This system does not work with the grid and is designed to work only with a battery backup in off-grid applications. It is a backup and a standalone power solution for the loads.

Yes, Solar rooftop system does not requires much maintenance except for periodical cleaning of solar panels due to dust on the surface of the panels and annually preventive maintenance once a year for residential customers . For industrial frequency can be very according to their solar power plant size . Our quotations includes Preventive maintenance of your solar rooftop systems. Feel free to contact us for more details.

IRR for your solar investment ranges between 12-20% depending on your location and connection type and payback period is usually 4-6 years after that for next 20 years get free electricity from your solar system.

E stands for Engineering, P stands for Procurement and C stands for Construction. In the solar industry, wherever the EPC term used it means that the solar industry is providing the complete start to end service related to the solar system right from the system designing, to assembling the components to the installation of the system.
Our company is the topmost service provider of the Solar EPC Service in Ahmedabad. We are providing the complete solution related to the Solar Power Plant right from designing to the installing of them.
Solpath Energy is the Top Solar EPC Provider Company in Ahmedabad & Gujarat.

Gujarat is one of the top largest solar powers producing in India with the growing resident people and urbanization, the power requirement has drastically increased. Solpath Energy – A pioneer and India’s leading one of the top solar companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat , India. Market leader in solar power, rooftop solar, solar water heating, solar panels, etc. One of the top solar companies in Gujarat , Solpath Energy in Ahmedabad . We import from one of the world’s best solar panel manufacturer, offering solar panels which deliver above average energy yields. Our offered solar panels are used widely across solar installations for utility-scale power plants, businesses and rooftops.

Solpath Energy is one of the best Solar Solar Design & Engineering company in Ahmedabad. Solpath’s Engineering and Design vertical was formed to address the overwhelming need for our expertise in the rooftop-scale design space. This vertical embodies the pinnacle of quality and experience in the PV industry led by a group of PV experts focused to deliver world-class service to our design clients.

Our clients receive unparalleled quality and insight that comes from years of evaluating equipment and evolving with the industry. Contact us to determine how we can help you on your next project either by email or through phone +919512373381.

We offer solar engineering services of the highest standards. Whether it is a simple one-page CAD drawing of a site, or a multiple view with single line diagrams, we are here to enable you to move forward through the sales process with confidence. We will help you make the site-specific decisions regarding your mounting, wiring, module and inverter matching, monitoring and overall system size. Whatever your needs may be, we can add value to your project and help you make more informed decisions after all factors are taken into consideration.

Solpath takes pride in using the latest solar PV system design that allows our clients to receive the most effective energy service solutions. The company has well educated and skilled labor force that understands the procedures involved in creating outstanding solar energy plants for high electrical output.

A carefully constructed and complete design is the foundation for a successful PV system. A well-established plan helps to ensure that our installation team would be able to proceed efficiently with system construction. Hence, the details of your system must be carefully established and clearly outlined for a smooth installation process.

Our design services are not limited to only the electrical components. We also have structural engineers and fabricators to design the physical infrastructure that literally supports the system. This integrated approach to the design process allows us to provide you with a comprehensive set of plans and specifications, the quality of which is one of the best in the industry.

We deliver complete construction-ready plan-sets within budget and on-time – no exceptions. Our interest is in delivering the best system to you, our client, with your highest interests considered at every step of the design process. We believe quality during the design process is the first step in assuring you will not be performing costly retrofits or replacement of equipment either before or after your system is completed. Your investment on our Design & Engineering services will be recouped many-fold through fewer problems during construction and for the life of the system.

Solpath incorporates a quality control process that is class-leading by utilizing our O&M team called SolarCare to review each and every design prior to each milestone delivery. This means that your plans are looked at by another PV expert that is not part of the design team for construct-ability, safety, code compliance, and overall presentation.

The depth and level of expertise reviewing each set of plans we produce are second-to-none in the industry. You can rest assured knowing the best and brightest engineers and technicians are looking at every part of your system before it is built. Solpath Engineering also offers third-party reviews of engineered designs by EPC’s and other design firms using the same staff that performs our internal engineering quality reviews.

Our participation in your project elevates quality from the start, which saves both time and money. Coupled with our inspection and commissioning services a full quality assurance package can be implemented, and your project will produce the amount of power you expect.