Electrical Contractor

Best Electrical Contractor in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

Electrical Contractor

Solpath Energy is one of the best Electrical contractor in Ahmedabad. Whether you require domestic, industrial or commercial electrical work , Solpath Energy is fully committed to professional and affordable electrical services. We carry out all aspects of electrical work, from design and consultation through to commissioning for clients in the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Our eye for quality and our dedication to the delivery of top-notch customer service are what make us the electrical company of choice for several areas in an around the Ahmedabad.

  • LT Panel & , HT Panel Erection and termination Work
  • Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer Work
  • Cable Laying & Under Ground Cable Laying Work
  • Cable termination Work
  • Cable Tray Work
  • LT Wiring
  • Street Light Installation Work
  • Light Fitting Work
  • CCTV Installation Work
  • Server, Router and network cable Installation
  • Earthing System Installation


Electrical Contractor for Residential ,Commercial & Industrial need.

Residential ,Commercial & Industrial Contractor

Best Residential Commercial & Industrial Contractor in Ahmedabad.
Whether you own a House,Restaurant, Industry,office complex, store front or gym, your business’s lifeline is its electricity. Our electrical contractors are dedicated to providing high quality work and dependable service so that your property and your business never suffer.

Experienced Professionals Who Get the Job Done Right

Electrical work can be dangerous and work should only be attempted by electricians who have the relevant skills and tools to complete the work safely. At Solpath Energy our electricians are highly experienced, fully qualified .All this means you can rely on us to do the work safely, professionally and with care and skills.
In operation since 2017 are experienced electrical contractors in the area. We have successfully completed many electrical testing and domestic and commercial electrical work for all manner of industries. It is our our technicians that allows us to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard.


LT Panel & , HT Panel Erection and termination Work

transformer installation and termination

Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer Work

underground cable laying work

Cable Laying & Under Ground Cable Laying Work

electric cable termination work ahmedabad

Cable termination Work

electrical cable tray work ahmedabad contractor

Cable Tray Work

LT wiring work ahmedabad contractor 1

LT Wiring

street light installation contractor ahmedabad 1

Street Light Installation Work

led light fitting installation contractor ahmedabad 1

Light Fitting Work

CCTV Camera installation work ahmedabad 1

CCTV Installation Work

networ communication cable installation contractor ahmedabad 1

Server, Router and network cable Installation

earthing installation service contractor ahmedabad

Earthing System Installation

lightning arrestor installation service contractor ahmedabad 1

Lightning Arrester Installation


Electrical Contractor

At Solpath , we believe our success relies on making your business a success.

  • GOVERNMENT APPROVED & CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS: We are an active member of government Of Gujarat License To Electrical Contractors. Enrolment shows that we are authorized to carry out electrical installation work in the Gujarat State.
electrical contractor

The simplest definition for an electrical contractor is a business person or firm that performs specialized electrical construction work. Usually, this work is related to the design, installation, and maintenance of the electrical system. The type of electrical system that they work on or with doesn’t matter, the work that they do does. Electrical contractors are responsible for making sure that those systems work effectively, safely, and most of the time in an environmentally friendly way. They are responsible for powering our world, and there are few projects that won’t need an electrical contractor to make sure everything works and all safety requirements are met.

Electrical contractors can do a variety of tasks, depending on their specialty. When an electrical contractor is hired for a project, they will start the project. Oftentimes, the electrical contractor will provide input into the constructability of the design, or submit a plan with a higher Level of Detail. This is crucial in starting construction. With an approved design, budget, permit, and liability insurance, the electrical contractor will begin scheduling out the work and start construction.

With an approved design and budget, the electrical contractor will schedule out the work and start construction, oftentimes utilizing an electrical contractor software to improve project management.

If the project is using the Integrated Labor Delivery project delivery method, then the electrical contractor will be very busy during the initial building and design phase. The benefit to the project and for the electrical contractor is substantial and can reduce rework or several issues during the build.

Solpath Energy is top electrical contractor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

An electrician is a person who is trained and usually licensed to perform electrical work. Electricians can choose to work for themselves, for other companies, or electrical contractors. So while an electrical contractor can mean the business, an electrician almost always means an individual. Many electricians will start as apprentices.

They might have gone to a trade school before starting as an apprenticeship program. Depending on the state, some apprentices have to get an apprentice license. After their training in electrical repair and installation, they are able to get their license and become a journeyman. Electricians can choose to further their continuing education and training and become masters in the electrical business.

Additionally, they have to pick what type of electrician they are going to be, whether they will work with high-voltage or low-voltage installations and management as well as if they are going to work outside or inside. These decisions will impact their careers, training, and licensing. Someone who has spent most of their life as an indoor low-voltage electrician will take on different jobs than an outside technician.


The basic objective of good earthing is to ensure the safety of life and property from shock and fire.

Lightning, Surges or Unintentional contact between an energized electric conductor and the metal frame or structure that encloses it or an insulation failure in electrical equipment etc., can cause dangerously high voltages in the electrical distribution system. Under such circumstances, grounding provides an alternative low impedance path and thereby minimizes damages.

A good and an efficient earth ensures that all parts of apparatus other than the live parts shall be at earth potential, i.e. zero at all times.

The resistance can be lowered only by altering the medium adjacent to the electrode. The IEEE80, IS3043 and BS 7430 have all mentioned as under: “To obtain overall low resistance, current density should be as low as possible for the MEDIUM ADJACENT TO THE ELECTRODE which should be so designed to cause the density to decrease rapidly with distance from the electrode.” The IEEE80 has also mentioned that the soil around the electrode should be modified to obtain a low earth resistance.

Thus the most important factor for obtaining low resistance value is SOIL TREATMENT i.e. the material around the electrode – which is the backfill material and not the electrode itself.

The research done and data published by reputed International Agencies like NASA, National Geographic etc,, have conclusively proved that there is an Enormous increase in the lightning activity all round the World due to various phenomena like Global Warning, etc. This has resulted in our building and other assets being more vulnerable to damage due to lightning than ever before. Besides the prevailing regulations, mandate the provision of reliable lightning protection system for all structures and buildings of 12 Mts and above. Hence, it is important that all our important buildings and structures be protected by using a reliable Lightning Protection System.

Presently, there are 2 methods of Lightning Protection System being adopted in India. These are:

1) Conventional Mesh / Franklin Rod System:
In this method, a large number of Franklin rods and the strips are to be installed on the terrace and connected to the earth for the purpose of lightning protection

2) Early Streamer Emission System:
In this method, generally one ESE lightning rod will be installed on the terrace and connected to the earth for the purpose of Lightning Protection.

In comparison, the ESE lightning rods are active systems. Here, either one or a very small number of lightning rods to be used (for the same area) to provide the highest degree of protection. A detailed comparison between conventional systems and ESE systems can be furnished on request.

The accepted standard world wide (more than 100 countries all over the world) for the lightning rods working on ESE principle is the French standard NFC 17102 and the Spanish standard UNE 21186.

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